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How It Works

Qponsr is here to simplify the vast array of offers.  We have started with groceries with plans to expand into many different areas.  Please provide any feedback.

  • The Crowd Coupons are ones found in most Sunday papers.  Save only the ones that you cut out from and paper and have saved this way it will be specific to coupons you actually have to use.
  • Click on any of the links to take you directly to the page to view coupons, weekly specials, or your list.  
  • Click on the offers links to check out weekly specials and coupons available. Save those interested in to your personal account as a reminder.
    • Note, at this time you will still need to print off the coupons or have the actual paper copy to take with you to the store.

  • You can create multiple shopping lists.
    • Time Saving Tip: We suggest creating a separate weekly list of your most frequently purchased items. Then you can just duplicate that list add the additional things needed for that week, check out the offers, and you are off to the store.
  • Enter items at the top - either select a specific item or simply click add if you want the description generic.

  • You can create multiple shopping lists.
    • Time Saving Tip: Be sure to keep your Crowd Coupons up to date in your personal database. This keeps us from showing you coupons related to a product on your list that you no longer have in your coupon organizer. This will save you time from having to sort through all your coupons looking for one you no longer have.