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We are all busy with our jobs and family. That tends to make it difficult to save money on the items and services we regularly buy or use. Qponsr is about making it easier to know what offers and coupons you have for the products you are buying.

  • Easy to view display: By displaying the offers (weekly sales, coupons, etc) in a compact area while making your list, you can save money with less effort.
  • Personal coupon database: We help you track the actual coupons you cut from the paper saving you time sifting through your cut coupons to see if you have a certain coupon – you just need to remember to update your coupons when you use them (in the meantime, we are working on ways to make this easier).
  • Coupon linking and suggestions: We only link coupons to your list that you can either print or load to a loyalty card from the internet and those you have indicated you have cut out from the paper - there's no point in getting a listing of paper coupons you may have, that just wastes more time digging. We also only show you coupons that are similar to items on your list. This again is meant to save you time so you can focus on those items. When you have some free time, you can always check out the other coupons and weekly specials for things you may want to try out.
  • More time saving tools to come: Initially, we are focused on helping you with your groceries (weekly sales, Sunday coupons, and printed internet coupons), but will be rapidly expanding in the future into several exciting areas – all with one mission – so stay tuned.

“Savings. Simplified.”

We realize the importance of helping you save your money and you do too since you are already using offers and coupons. For that reason, we don’t want to take more of your hard earned money which is why Qponsr is currently free.

Qponsr is here to help you know and use the offers related to the products you want – those on your list. We help you not only know the printable coupons (lots of folks do that), but also help you track your paper coupons. You simply pick what coupons you are keeping and Qponsr will help you keep track of them and notify you of expiration dates and optimal deals. The common coupon database is built from fellow Qponsr users, including all of us here at Qponsr. If you don’t see a coupon come up that you have, please add it to the database, including a picture if possible. Or if your coupon is different (different value, etc), please add the new version to the database.

Then as you make your list, we will only show you coupons in your personal database or those readily available to print from the web.

To sign up simply click on the “sign up” button and either fill out the information or click “Use Facebook” to sign in. That’s all it takes - you are now a Qponsr, happy savings!

We at Qponsr believe in saving you money AND time. For that reason, we tend to focus on the local grocers rather than the big box stores simply because of the major time commitment it tends to take to get in and out of those stores. That is also why we highlight some of the other great options such as curbside pickup – all aimed at helping you save money, but also get back to the things you enjoy. Plus we like to help out the local folks and companies.

We have lots of tools in the pipeline to help you better know and use the offers being thrown at you every day. Stay tuned and we will soon be here help you out.