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Introducing the Qponsr Savings Journal

Introducing the Qponsr Savings Journal

We are continually looking for ways to improve and capitalize on saving money. To this end, we have been looking to makeover the coupon organizer and list making for grocery shopping (hence the Qponsr list features). Besides the digital features found in Qponsr, we are also looking for feedback on the Qponsr Savings Journal. We currently have limited quantities, but will be giving away some in early January from a drawing of all current Qponsr users. Based on early feedback, we may also sell some at reduced rates. Please contact us at: if you may be interested in purchasing one ahead of the drawing. We will be providing more information/pictures on the journal in the future.

Problems with current couponing methods:

  1. We don’t want to carry around a binder.
  2. Coupon organizers are not very nice, even the nice ones.
  3. We can’t fit our category names on those little labels then….
  4. We can’t remember which items/coupons we put in which categories
  5. We would like to do something with all that money we are saving...just never remember to do anything with it.
  6. We still like to have paper lists some times which don’t always make it to the store with our coupons.
  7. Have you ever left your coupon organizer you get to start over.

Qponsr Savings Journal - A Solution? In the pictures above you will see the Qponsr Savings Journal with some of the feature that we feel address most of the concerns above.

  1. This is much nicer looking coupon organizer...a leather bound notebook with a latch for keeping it closed and a folder in the back.
  2. Small envelopes fit nicely into this folder in the back…
  3. We like to use envelopes to put our coupons in for a few reasons:
    1. More room for writing. The whole category can be written out. Not only that, but the actual types of products can be listed out. Then when you are trying to remember “was the Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich coupon under the entree or breakfast category” you don’t need to look through each stack of coupons; just look on the envelope to see which it was noted in.
    2. More than one person can have an envelope of coupons for speeding up shopping.
    3. If you forget your coupons behind, hopefully it is just an envelope and not the entire organizer.
  4. With the Savings Journal, we can keep track of the shopping trips and amount saved by quickly jotting it down. Then we can transfer it to a savings account to watch it grow for something we really want (vacation, etc).
  5. By using the journal, lists can be made at the front of the journal for shopping while the savings journal/tracker can start from the reverse end. Then everything is in one tidy location, including your coupons.
  6. Everything's in one when you make your list, your coupons should make it to the store with your list.

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