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How can I use Qponsr?

How can I use Qponsr?

We have built Qponsr so it can be used any number of ways. The main ways are briefly outlined below (there are also more…).

  1. By working from your grocery list.
    • You can build a single list you continue to modify and update or
    • you can build any number of lists based on shopping trips, stores, or events.
    • From these lists you can quickly look to see the products that are on sale at some local stores, what coupons you can print, or what you coupons you have indicated you cut from the paper (more on this under #2).
  2. Tracking your cut, paper coupons - Crowd Coupons.

We call the paper coupons Crowd Coupons, because we need your help in entering these into the database. (See our other blog entry on the easiest way to add coupons). This is one of the main reasons behind Qponsr. For those of us who cut paper coupons, it’s nice to know what we have on hand so we don’t have to look through them “umpteen” times looking for coupons we may have used 6 weeks ago or simply expired.

  • Each week when you cut your paper coupons, add those to your saved coupons (you can also save coupons you printed and weekly specials to separate coupon lists).Then you have two options:
    1. Make a grocery list. When we show you Crowd Coupons that match your items on your list, it will only be those you indicated you cut from the paper. This saves you from looking through all your coupons unless you know you have it.
    2. Even you don’t have an item on your list, you can simply look through your saved Crowd Coupons to see if you still have an unused coupon.

  • Note, you will want to be sure you indicate when you use/redeem a crowd coupon so you will know it is not available for use anymore. Also be sure to clear out your expired coupons.

3. Save Daily Deals to a list as a reminder.

A new feature we have incorporated into Qponsr is a listing of the daily deal sites (Groupon, Living Social). We find that many times a deal is attractive, but we’re just not sure we want to buy it yet. So now you can simply save that to your daily deals list so you can quickly look at them over the next couple days until you decide if you do want to purchase it. This helps you to not forget about it. Plus you have both sites' deals in a single location. This same technique can also be used for weekly store specials.

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