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Five Ways to Save Time While Saving Money

Five Ways to Save Time While Saving Money

You have a busy life. Here at Qponsr, we get that, which is why we help you put all of your favorite coupons, and your grocery list, in one organized place. But Qponsr is actually just one tool that will help you save time while couponing. Here are some other tips from our money saving pros about how you can coupon without taking too much time out of your day.

Focus on items you actually want: Instead of searching online for a variety of coupons, and trying to stack them with coupons in your insert, just seek out coupons from the list of items you've already made. Is laundry detergent on your list? No?Then don't worry about it right now. You've got meals to prepare, kids to take care of, and laundry to actually get done. Save your hunt for the perfect detergent coupon for another time. Your time is better spent focusing on things you know you need for the those cookies your kids have been begging for in their lunches.

Look at sales from stores that are convenient: Sure, Walmart is having a great deal on Tupperware this week. But if Walmart is far away and a hassle to get to, you'll only become more stressed out. You also might spend more money on gasoline than you would save in coupons! If you don't have the time to get to a store with a great sale, focus on the sales at shops near you. Coupons are supposed to make things easier, not harder!

Set a weekly budget: Your Qponsr app will help you determine how much you're spending for the week on your shopping trip. Use this tool to make sure you're on track, because if you're spending too much just to take advantage of savings, well, what's the point? You have to stop somewhere, so give yourself a reasonable and realistic cap on how much you will spend each time you go to the store. Otherwise, your "Qponing" can get out of control!

Use brand discrimination:You keep seeing coupons for Twinings brand tea, but is it actually cheaper once you take the savings into account? Just because there are coupons, doesn't mean the item will be less expensive than the Lipton tea you usually buy. Don't clip coupons just because you need the item. The item also needs to be the brand that you actually want, either because it's cheaper or you legitimately prefer it.

Have friends send you coupons: Tell your friends who coupon (or those who don't but are willing to help) to send you paper coupons for items you love when they see them! They can easily pack them up in an envelope, and ship them your way. This gives you more coupons that you will actually use, without too much extra effort.

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